Welcome to CARAT

The CARAT, or Child Asthma Risk Assessment Tool, is designed to help clinicians, asthma counselors, and parents determine potential risks for children with asthma. Asthma is a chronic disease with multiple risk factors and causes; research has shown that the factors responsible for asthma symptoms and attacks can vary widely from child to child.

The Risk Profile section offers the risk assessment tool that is designed to rapidly provide a personal risk profile for a child with asthma. This tool looks at a variety of potential risks for a child and then reports only the factors affecting that child. Discover what factors affect your child's asthma by completing the Risk Profile.

The remainder of the CARAT website provides details on what asthma is, what causes asthma symptoms, and what can be done to reduce exposure to these asthma triggers. After completing the Risk Profile, you can download a personalized report about the specific factors affecting your child's asthma.